Nothin' before 94

This is a music blog, reviewing music between the years 1994-now. Whatever artist, whatever genre


Have a watch of this if you’d like an idea of what we’re like live

Our full live session of ‘Mercury Song’

We just can’t stop recording ok

215 plays


Portishead, “Pedestal”

You abandoned me
How I suffer
Ridicule breathes a sigh
You abandoned me
Lost forever
Hush, can you hear…

No time make or reason
Ridicule breathes a sigh
No time make or reason
Hush, hear him cry…

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'Becoming' has finally been released! Listen to it in full here for free

Have a listen to my band’s best work yet!

We released an album today


Seven Legged Spider - Adjective Animal

New track up, give it a listen! 

2nd single from upcoming Adjective Animal album - ‘Becoming’

Have a listen!

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the best


We also have a new music video out for ‘Piano Makes You Scream’!

Made completely by heavily processing stock footage and playing with the juxtapositions between the different pieces of footage.

New Adjective Animal music video!